About chathamhillranch

We are a family that happens to love our dogs. Imagine that? We Live with Flat Coated Retrievers, Long Haired Weimaraners, Cocker and Springer Spaniels and a Hybrid we call the Chatham Hill Retriever and love them all. We also love our family and friends who support us. And really for the people out there who have their own ideologies on the methods used or just their perspective on breeding practices they feel are proper, we're really not twisting their arms to try and convince them they are wrong... until they prove they hit on something that the old school methods of breeding haven't already failed to do in the last century once closed registries were established they really can't throw stones at us for attempting to practice a proof of concept that in all practical sense... is the right thing to do. Basically.... Check your Moral compass when it comes to dogs. If you still feel that we're deserving of threats and hatred. Then you can suck it.